Parrot Perched on Riverrun Tree Stand


Our Bases Are:

Solid slices from the trunks of the Samanea saman tree, a tropical hardwood species.

NatureServe Global Conservation Status Ranked: G5 (highest level - secure with abundant populations).

Exquisitely grained, richly patterned, and multi-toned, featuring deep chocolate brown heartwood (the dense inner trunk) and beautiful light-yellow sapwood (the less dense outer layer of the trunk).

Kiln dried for three to six weeks (depending on their thickness).

Our Trees Are:

100% safe for birds and other animals.  

Aged coffea robusta trees individually chosen for their unique personality and high aesthetic.

Usually found high in the mountains or deep in remote areas - making them difficult to access for the purpose of cultivation. This results in dramatically overgrown, twisting branches and an extraordinarily wild feel and appearance.

Submerged in water for three to five weeks to soften their bark naturally, after which they are de-barked by hand.

Air-dried for two to four days after debarking then placed inside a high temperature kiln to slow bake for three to four weeks.

Special Features

Every Arcametti perch includes innovative features designed to enhance your parrot’s emotional and physical health. These provide a uniquely stimulating and safe environment in which your bird(s) can explore, learn, play, and thrive.

Natural rattan cane and sisal rope wrappings are added to each tree to give your bird interesting textures to explore while providing an ergonomically correct grip for vertical,  diagonal, and telescoping diameter branches. 

Each tree contains numerous multi-sized through holes into which various items can be inserted to create customized toy, puzzle, game, and forage areas specific to your bird’s personal preferences.

There are additional holes in strategic spots where foods and toys may be hung using a piece of sisal rope. Three meters of spare sisal rope is provided with each perch for this purpose and for replacing wraps that have been chewed away.

All bases are fitted with 4 - 5 high quality polyurethane casters for smooth, steady rolling over any surface. Each wheel is floor friendly and non-marking with a load capacity of 88 lbs (40kg) per wheel.

All perches come with two 4” diameter stainless steel (SS 304) screw-on food/water bowls (you may choose either silver or gold colored).

All bases have edged concave areas to accommodate substrate if desired (e.g. wood shavings, paper, pellets, etc.).


For small and medium birds

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"The Isand" Tree Stand from the Alfa Collection for Small & Medium Parrots
"Starry Night" Tree Stand from the Zeta Collection for Medium and Large Parrots


For medium and large birds

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For birds of all sizes

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